Damien Naso Real Estate Agent

Damien Naso

While Damian has only been part of the Wilson family for a short while now, his enthusiasm and charismatic nature has brought a sense of youthfulness and fun to the team. His dedication and professionalism proceeds his years and he always manages to get the job done with a smile on his face.

Damian studies psychology outside of work with the hopes of one day owning his own practice. Damian always strives to help people and this is a trait he has brought with him into the work force. A skilled archivist, Damian assists the team by ensuring that all documents are easily accessible and everything is in order for the office in our mission to become paperless.

Outside of work, Damian is a classical music enthusiast and is a connoisseur of Melbourne’s classical music scene. He also has a deep appreciation for the art of food. Damian says; ‘If you love a bao, you must try Hochi Mama on Little Bourke’. “


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