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Richmond’s Preferred Property Management and Real Estate Service

Buying or selling your home or business is a daunting experience for most. When it comes to dealing with that much money, you want to make certain that you’re getting the best possible result and that you’ve exhausted every possible option. Obtain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in trusted hands and choose the team of real estate agents and property managers in Richmond who come backed by three decades of experience.

Our commitment to consistently high customer service and our holistic approach to property has led to us becoming a trusted name in the industry. Our diverse team brings a myriad of skills and experiences to the table and often work collaboratively over a variety of areas. Meaning? You receive the collective resources of our seasoned team when you choose Wilson Agents to buy, sell or lease your home or business.


Receive a dedicated property manager to oversee your investment

Leasing out your residential or commercial property is a fantastic opportunity to earn an additional income. However, it can prove rather taxing when it comes to dealing with tenants, chasing up overdue rent, or organising maintenance and repairs.Our comprehensive property management service takes care of all of this and more, sourcing potential tenants and screening each in turn to ensure you find individuals or families who pay their rent on time and are likely to cause minimal aggravation.

Our property management takes the stress out of owning a rental property in Richmond and allows you take advantage of a third party service which distances you from any potential disputes or complaints. Our property managers will handle matters amicably and professionally at all times to resolve situations quickly, minimising hassles for you. 


Residential or commercial services

Our Richmond real estate agents can assist with the purchase or sale of both domestic and commercial properties.Allow us to secure the most appropriate location to suit your needs.


Contact us today to book in your consultation

The best way to understand how our team will be able to assist you, is by discussing your needs in person so that we can offer an appropriate solution. If you require our real estate agents or property managers elsewhere, includingPrahran, Caulfield, Port Melbourne and beyond.  Reach us on our contact page.

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