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Real Estate Agents | Buy, Sell & Rent in Prahran

Prahran’s First Choice for Dependable Real Estate Agents

When it comes to selling your home or business, you want a dynamic individual in your corner who understands the property landscape and is in an ideal position to actively chase the best price. Our real estate agents operate within Prahran and have over three decades’ worth of experience under their belt when it comes to showcasing their client’s properties to attract the most favourable final figure. Whether it’s for a domestic or commercial premise, having a reliable agent on your side ensures you are more likely to attract potential buyers and ensure you meet your financial goals.


Enlist the aid of our dedicated agents and property managers    

Beyond helping with the buying and selling our properties, we also boast a team of property managers to assist with the management of your rental properties. Whilst leasing a dwelling or entire apartment block can prove extremely fruitful, it can also be extremely demanding. With other responsibilities such as a career, family and social life, it can often prove difficult to juggle all of these things at once. This is where our property managers can assist, by serving as a dedicated third party solution that gives your life back but allows you to continue enjoying the extra income. 

In this function, our managers will take complete responsibility of all landlord duties, including the collection of rent, organising necessary repairs, resolving tenant complaints amicably, and sourcing potential replacement tenants.This last service can prove extremely valuable as it ensures your investment is always at peak performance in regards to maximum income. It also ensures the tenants you do have are trustworthy and more likely to be an asset rather than a hindrance.


The local Prahran experts

Having worked many years in the area, our real estate agents understand the Prahran market better than any other. Our experts have developed the ability to predict trends in the property landscape to identify the most prosperous times to sell. Allow us to share this insight to help you make the most out of your investment.


Contact us today to find out more

Do you have any questions regarding the services our agents offer throughout Prahran and the surrounding suburbs, including Richmond, South Yarra, St Kilda and Port Melbourne? Our professionals will gladly offer a free consultation to discuss your property needs and to devise an appropriate approach.


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