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Houses for Sale and Rent in Albert Park | Wilson Agents

The Number One Real Estate Agents in Albert Park

If you want to secure the best price, then you need to choose the best. Our real estate agents have over three decades helping our clients buy and sell properties throughout Albert Park, which means they have developed an in-depth understanding of local trends and figures. Take advantage of this insight and allow our team to utilise their considerable collective expertise to leverage your property and ensure you reach your financial goals.


Wilson Agents has worked tirelessly over three decades to become a leading name in the industry and we have a solid foundation of satisfied customers to stand testament to this. When you choose us, you are gaining the resources of a dedicated service with a considerable array of property skills at your disposal. Our collective experience makes us the only choice when it comes to buying, selling or leasing your property.   


Our agents can help showcase your property

When it comes to selling your home or business, it’s essential to make a good first impression with prospective buyers. Whether this be a simple clean up, inexpensive decorating or taking care of any repairs, some crucial adjustments could make a significant difference to your final figure. Our real estate agents have helped sell a great many properties throughout Albert Park and have learnt what potential buyers like. We offer this first-class presentation insight to help give you that much needed selling edge for your commercial or domestic location. Individually, our suggestions may seem trivial, but collectively, they play a large role in influencing a buyer’s decision to purchase. Presentation is everything. 


Our dedicated property management service

Real estate is a very valuable investment, and beyond offering the services of our agents to help you buy or sell, we also boast a team of professional property managers. This allows you to take a step back from your rental properties and focus on the more pressing matters in your life, whilst still enjoying the financial benefits of your investments. Allow our professionals to handle all tenant conflicts or complaints on your behalf and arrive at an amicable resolution with minimal disruptions to your financial income. We also offer these services in the surrounding areas, including St Kilda, Port Melbourne, Richmond, and Elwood


For any questions regarding our services, please feel free to leave us a message on our contact us page.

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